At Lyn’s Furniture we know that one of the biggest challenges that parents face is when they try to take their children to bed. It may seem like a simple task, but the reality is that it involves a everyday battle. In order to transform this odyssey into a tranquil field of roses, here we are going to give you some tricks that will help you, we bet you that your children are going to love their bedrooms and not want to leave it. The bedding, the decoration and the choice of colors can be your perfect allies.


Do you want to know these tricks? Let’s see them!

First, it is important for children relate their bedroom with the words “rest” and “sleep”. one of the guidelines to get it is to separate the play area of the bedroom, in that way kids will know that the game time is over and they need to rest.

The next step to consider is the color we will use to paint the bedroom. The bright colors are fantastic, but they will excite and give energy to our children. The colors that we have to choose will be, for example, pastel colors and very light colors, as well as neutral colors such as gray or beige. With this election you will give the peace and tranquility that you so desire!



In addition to the color, it is important to know that a well-lit bedroom. With sunlight we will be able to give more serenity to the room and, if that were not enough, it will help the little ones of the house to obtain a greater concentration. However, if the bedroom does not have enough natural light we can complement it with lamps that help to have a dazzling space. At Lyn’s Furniture, you will find a range of lighting options that your children will surely adore.

To finish, we will talk about one of the key and most necessary parts, the bedding. The children’s bed linen will take care of offering the ideal rest of our children, it will be the responsible of give to your kids good night’s sleep and waking up with energy to face the day. From among the bedding we can choose several key pieces.

For the little ones, the Nordic sacks are the most indicated. With them you can sleep safely and comfortably since, thanks to its zipper, you will not have the possibility of being discovered while you sleep. On the other hand, a very successful choice, would be the Nordic covers. These have the advantage that, when extracting the filling, they can also serve as a sheet in the summer. With the ideal bedding, you will ensure the best result!

Finally, and for that reason no less important, the decoration. A successful decoration, we give the final shot for a dream bedroom. As you read before, it is important to separate the play area from the rest area. Once we have that in mind, we can have a bed or bunk bed depending on the case, the important thing is to create a place where your children feel as comfortable as possible. You can come as a family to our stores and choose the decoration that everyone likes.



These are the tips for the little ones to enjoy their bedroom and feel calm and relaxed.

At Lyn’s Furniture, we make dreams come true for adults and children alike by pleasing them with the decoration they are looking for. Do not wait any longer, come to our stores in Miami and be surprised by the beautiful Furniture and Accessories we have, if that were not enough, you can take them with the best financing plan.

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