Meet with this design guide and discover everything you need to consider to choose the right furniture for your home in the right way according to your style.

If there is something that defines the decoration of a space, it is the furniture. The possibilities are unlimited the idea is to choose a furniture that suits both the space and the personality of the person who lives in that place.

This is why Lyn’s Furniture elaborates this practical guide for you to choose the furniture with which you want to decorate, your living room, your bedrooms, your office, the kitchen, among others.

What should you consider to choose furniture?



Yes, before purchasing any furniture, the first thing you should keep in mind is to measure the space you have. Take the measurements of the width and length: this way you will know very well what suits best according to the dimensions.



Make a sketch

Especially if you are going to furnish from scratch, this is an excellent option. When you capture what you want on a map, it will be easier to choose the furniture you need to fill the environment. In addition, it gives you a perspective on what you can do and what not in the space you have.


Imagine the space in the future

Try to visualize how a determinate ornament, accessory or furniture would look like in your home, since they must be very well located and, at the same time, maintain balance with the rest.


Discover your style

This is what reflects your personality. Together with the study of space, your particular tastes and the stage in which you are, we could define three groups:

  • Those who have just become independent: They generally look for cheap furniture, but with modern designs, always thinking about the functionality. They prefer materials such as plastics, acrylics, wood such as pine, and melanin.
  • Single or with stable relationships: It is usual to give priority to the aesthetic; this group usually lives in houses or apartments larger than the previous ones. They prefer materials such as hardwoods, metals, crystals and cotton or leather fabrics.
  • Couples or marriages with children: For children, the decoration revolve around functionality and safety. Furniture with curved or rounded shapes predominates to avoid accidents; therefore, crystals are also avoided. Preferred materials are usually washable fabrics and natural fibers against allergies.



If you want quality furniture, invest

Nobody wants to buy a furniture which last short time because a bad quality; on the contrary, with good maintenance the furniture will be durable. So invest in one of quality and strength. At Lyn’s Furniture, you will find all the furniture you need to give that touch of style to your home.



The materials

There are two characteristics, one is that the material suits your use; for example, a luxury lacquered table is not the best option for a family with children, in which case a wooden table is an excellent idea.

The other is that the material must be complemented with the decoration and should match the style you choose.


Choose the main furniture

If you find it difficult to choose the furniture for you home, focus on the main function of the space. For example, if we talk about a bedroom, choose the furniture in relation to the sofa (center table, shelves…). in your bedroom, depending on the bed (bedside tables, cupboards…) just for example.



Do not buy everything with same look

Yes, it is possible that everything looks very nice in the catalog, but in the end it can be a bit boring, so please do not be afraid to play with styles, textures and colors. The idea is that you print your personal touch to the decoration. Dare yourself!

That is why Lyn´s Furniture offers all our clients a totally personalized service, taking care of their needs as well as their tastes and demands when choosing the furniture and decoration of their home.

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