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The colonial style is a type of decoration inspired by classic lines, whose main characteristics is the use of natural materials and not too overloaded. It is one of the styles with the most personality, in which all the details are taken care of with great care. To decorate colonial salons, there are a number
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  In Lyn’s Furniture we give you reasons and ideas of lighting so that you give a unique style to your home. Good lighting is great for any type of home, so we suggest all these ideas for different areas of your home… You have no excuses!   A room with several light sources In
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Lyn’s Furniture brings you 4 options of how your home would look with this new decoration trend.   The neutral, with more style Elegant and sophisticated, this neutral has, in addition, the power to fit in any style: from the Nordic to the classic, going through the industrial ‘lock’. Easy to combine, loves wood, white
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We do not want to be spoilers, but maybe it’s time to organize the house for the new course. The most important thing, both for adults and children, is to create a work zone suitable for homework, studies or work. Here at Lyn’s Furniture we propose ideas, some very simple and others that require more
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Sometimes it is better to stay at home, reading, watching movies or just listening to good music. Do you have the right place? Well, here we give you some examples, all of them very different from each other, so that, for the purposes of the activity that you like to do, you create a corner
Tips to have an amazing living room.
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The living room is one of the rooms where we spend more time, a place where we usually share happy moments with friends and family. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the decoration of this room, since that is where the guests arrive and it is the first impression that people have with our
3 wonderful tips to decorate your living room.
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Decorating a home is not an easy task; it requires a clear idea with which the person can play until they get what they want. In fact, it is not for everyone learning to design a living room; this is the most important room in the home when it comes to receiving guests and sharing
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A coffee table is an important part of any decoration of a living room, in a small apartment or a big house, this is a piece of furniture that gives you a place to rest your coffee, and share with your friends and family; but it is important to choose it correctly. To choose the
The perfect coffee table.
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It does not matter if it’s a small apartment or a giant house, the misuse of space can make your living room look small, which creates a problem of space distribution and looks bad when we talk about designs. There are a number of simple tricks that expand your room making everything look bigger, and
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  Whenever we talk about home decoration, not everyone counts with enough time or neither the money to do an entire makeover in any of their rooms. But don’t worry that much! There’s no need to spend tons of either to obtain a pleasant change and renovate the look of any of your rooms. To