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A coffee table is an important part of any decoration of a living room, in a small apartment or a big house, this is a piece of furniture that gives you a place to rest your coffee, and share with your friends and family; but it is important to choose it correctly. To choose the
Thursday, 29 September 2016 / Published in Furniture
Using modern furniture to decorate the room gives it a unique touch to your home, but also you can incorporate different colorful accessories that can breathe life into every corner of this space, while maintaining a harmonious and balanced style. Discover these simple accessories that can breathe life into your living room without having to
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When the century began, the use of new materials and techniques were emphasized to make furniture that gave rise to contemporary furniture. There was the possibility that furniture designers will use plywood, tubular steel and plastic to create furniture with innovative ways. This time period was important for modifying heavy ornaments to contemporary furniture with