5 amazing tips about how to expand the vision of your living room.

It does not matter if it’s a small apartment or a giant house, the misuse of space can make your living room look small, which creates a problem of space distribution and looks bad when we talk about designs.

There are a number of simple tricks that expand your room making everything look bigger, and with the correct distribution and some radical tips all people can perceive more space.

Here are a couple of useful tips for your living room.

  • Sofas near the window.

Placing the sofa near the window gives people a sense of freedom, allows them to feel less burdened, in this way the person can look outside and not feel trapped, you can also take advantage of the outside light.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Mirrors are one of the best allies of people to expand a room, in fact should be part of the decoration in an essential way, since placing it in strategic points will reflect a good part of the room and give a sense of breadth and depth.

  • Illumination.

Lighting could be said to be the most important factor for any decoration, and more if we want to expand the living room. It does not matter if it is with natural light (a window) or artificial (lamps and bulbs), or the combination of both, it is necessary to have a large source of light such as a large window, or a large ceiling lamp or on the walls.

  • Glass accessories.

When we talk about small spaces sometimes the glass can be your best friend, with tables or tables in glass or plastic center you can achieve the transparency and space that the living room needs. In this way the view feels free.

  • Small furniture.

To expand your living room you need to have small furniture, forget about dining rooms for twelve people or a huge sofa. The small pieces give the feeling that the ceiling is higher and therefore the room is thought to be larger.


Choose your decoration with care, keep your spaces clean, tidy and clear so that the light enters, choose simple and minimalist decorations, and so your room will not have much to envy to a large room.

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