What Entertainment Center is best for you?

Entertainment Center for Living Rooms


There are different factors when choosing an entertainment center and TV for your living room. While the choice is linked to the amount of equipment you are going to put, it is also necessary to take into account the size of the area. If it is a large piece of furniture and you put it in a small space, you run the risk of overloading the environment. Another point that you should keep in mind is the concept you want to project with this piece.




Entertainment and TV Centers for Rooms

Today, we see that technological devices are no longer the same as before. That is why the entertainment centers have also been reduced, and the space allocated to the artifacts is smaller. The entertainment centers are currently characterized by being functional and compact, really quite close to the contemporary style and with a lot of minimalist influence.


Entertainment Center

Individual Drawers

Something that is very much in trend today is also the entertainment centers armed with drawers, since currently the televisions do not need a compartment, but the rest of the artifacts and ornaments can be accommodated or placed around it.

Undoubtedly, this resource can be used with enough success in rooms that lack space, where space is not enough to place a large and massive entertainment center. Personally, I recommend:

it is ideal to keep it with light colors to provide an effect of spaciousness to space, and depending on the electronic devices that are going to be placed there, a furniture that is not too wide can be installed.

You must always take into account the use to which it is going to be given since most of these have drawers and there you can store or store both cables and stationery. And finally, the style must be in harmony with space, either following the same line of forms (such as a minimalist style) or simply following an eclectic design.


Entertainment Center

Modern Entertainment Centers

On the other hand, the trends that you can also see today, and move away from the conventional, are those that approach the fusion of the modern with the rustic, such as folk and tribal trends.

Although the trend does not apply directly to the design of the entertainment center, it does apply to colors and to the mixture of textiles. A very practical way is with carpets rugs and rustic.




Choose the ideal Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center

If it is a room or small corner, I recommend you use a low cabinet with modules without doors to arrange the various audio and video equipment. It also has to have drawers where you can store CDs, DVDs or video games. This type of entertainment center can measure from one meter long by sixty centimeters high.




Entertainment Center

If your room is wider, that is, more than three meters by three meters. I recommend that you choose an entertainment center that is more functional. For example, have shelves to show sculptures or an area where you can store books.

The furniture you choose can be floor to ceiling or wall to wall and side, in the high or low area should have modules. The standard measure of this furniture is 1.80 m high x 1.39 m wide, and the thickness of the boards is recommended from 15 mm to 18 mm so that they can support the weight of the objects.

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