Between Curtains or Blinds, How to choose the right one?

When we have to choose between curtains or blinds for the windows of our home, there are a few points that we must take into account. Some of these are the place where we live, the aesthetic preferences, the measurements, the place of the house and the purpose of them.

A change of the curtains or blinds of the windows can make a difference in the total atmosphere of the house. They can make homes look sophisticated and comfortable. Therefore, it is important that people understand the importance when choosing the curtains or blinds.

Blinds can be a good option for those who prefer a simple or minimalist aesthetic. Curtains can often be adapted to those who like a somewhat more luxurious home treatment.



Currently, you can find curtains in various presentations and colors. There are different styles of clothing, for example, double curtain, Roman, pleated, panel, Austrian fold.

Regardless of the type you decide, the main recommendation is to choose a good quality fabric and hanging system.

There are also a wide variety of curtain rods, such as doubles and adjustable ones, as well as multiple decorative options.

The choice of curtains should also be influenced by the type of room where the curtains will be located. In spaces such as the kitchen, curtains are often the best option. One disadvantage is that in the absence of extractor or adequate ventilation, these often get very dirty.

In addition, the type of curtain that should be placed in a window should be combined with the interior design of a house. They are also a good way to create an aesthetic of decoration in your home, using the same material in all rooms of the house. It can even be matched with other parts of the decoration, such as cushions.



Currently, in the market, we can find a large variety of models, qualities, and materials in blinds. The systems of opening and closing are varied, there are from very economical to the most sophisticated automated systems.

If you live in open spaces and you are looking for an option to control the amount of outside light that enters a room, for example in a bedroom, it will probably be better to place a blind and not a curtain.

If you want to block the light, the blinds can do it completely when it comes to sleep, while they can be regulated at other times.


To make them look elegant, the curtains must reach the floor. If you want to protect better from air currents, let them drag 5 centimeters.

To obtain the width of a traditional table curtain, you must multiply the width of the window by 3.

When choosing the color of the curtain, take into account that in a dark wall the light fabric will give light; the curtain will get all the attention if it is painted in light colors and you decide on dark fabrics,

You will achieve a more harmonious environment if you opt for similar or identical colors,

Before buying a blind, you must (as with the curtains) obtain the exact measurement.

Choose curtains and blinds full of colors and models that complement the style of your furniture.


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