How to correctly use Carpets

It is a reality that our current world is full of rules, norms and politically incorrect. And if I tell you the truth, I think that many must be broken. The rules and regulations vary with the passage of time and, from my point of view, I do not see the need to stick to what others consider to be “what needs to be done”. Although I do look at it with a smile and know it. And maybe, why not, apply it. On this post, we are going to talk about how to use carpets.



In decoration, although less, the same thing happens. There are rules and tricks … it is important to know, if necessary, to break with knowledge of the cause.

There are some rules that, for the sake of a good result, it is better not to break. Among them, I highlight the one that I tell you today and that, no matter how hard I try, I can never see good results when it is not followed. One of the most striking mistakes are carpets that are too small. It is not necessary to be an expert in decoration. A carpet that is too small attracts attention (for bad) always. Although it may not be possible to identify what the problem is.

The carpets must be large enough to:

Living room:

That at least the front legs of the sofa cover them


That at least the front legs of the chairs and the four legs of the table “step”


There is a ratio between the bed and the carpet

Known as the standard, known as the solution. If you have a carpet at home that you love because of its design, its history or its color, but you have discovered that it is too small, bet on the carpet overlay. One on top of the other.

Choose a carpet, perhaps cheaper, of the right size. And place on top what you really like. In addition to following the rules, you will make your carpet look as it deserves and not as a patch. Or what is worse, as if you had finished the budget before covering your floor.

Have you ever made this mistake when decorating with rugs? Or have you noticed a case in which something does not fit?

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