Coastal style

The coastal style is one of the latest trends in the world of decoration. It is about decorating the house in such a way that each corner evokes a warm beach of white sand and crystal clear water. The truth is that it is one of the simplest decorative styles to achieve since it is enough to introduce a few decorative elements to achieve that coastal environment.


How to get the coastal style?

Lyn’s Furniture gives you all the keys to introduce the coastal style to your home. These are very simple guidelines to take into account to get a house in which both hosts and guests feel that they are on the edge of a wonderful beach.



Regarding colors, white should be the main protagonist of the walls, furniture and decorative elements of the house. A color that brings peace and tranquility, in addition, maximizes luminosity. The details in blue evoking the sea water are essential to give it that coastal environment and it does not look like a minimalist style home.

Therefore, white and blue are the star colors of the coastal style. In combination with them, you can add details in grays and cream tones at home.




As for the materials of the furniture, the wood must reign in the home. The ideal is to opt for wood in its most natural state. The key is to choose it for the floor and to place elements of untreated, bleached or 100% natural wood in different parts of the house.

The wood adds a rustic touch to the home, as well as a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.



Decorative elements

In many cases the decoration elements play an even more important role than furniture when it comes to giving the home a certain style. To get a house where hosts sit on the seashore, glass can be a great help. For example, a glass bottle with white flowers is a great option as a centerpiece.

Of course, you can also use marine elements to decorate the home: stones, shells, seashells, sand from the sea… A very simple way to create a decorative object that fits the coastal style is the following: fill a fish tank almost in its whole with sand from the sea and add some shells and conches. It is luxurious on the coffee table!




As for the textiles of both the bed and the sofa, they must be made of 100% natural materials such as cotton and linen. Regarding the colors, as we have indicated, in the first section, you can play with whites and blues, as well as with cream and gray colors.

Although there are those who relate the coastal style with the summer months, the truth is that a house of this type is ideal to enjoy it throughout the year. A style that makes people feel in love and provides.



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