For all those who do not know how to combine dining tables and chairs, perhaps the best solution is to dare to break with that perfect game and to bet on a mixture of styles and finishes. Thus, in addition, they will have an up-to-date dining room, because today what is taken is to combine


How to decorate a youth room, and what your children like? This is a great (and difficult) question that we are frequently asked. We give you some tricks so you can carry out such an arduous task: Do not give up color Although many parents are not supporters of the colorinchis, let your children decide


Maybe you’ve already noticed… the mirrors are a hit in the decoration. And not only at the level of accessory for the walls, but incorporated directly into the furniture! This trend, which had its beginnings in the decades of the 20s and 30s, when mirrored furniture was a symbol of luxury and elegance. It comes
They say that 7 is the number of good luck. So if you want good fortune to enter your house forever, follow these 7 tips and above all take out the most positive side of life. Do we start.   Order Ordering is basic. You will see how everything changes. The house will be much