The dining room is a special part of a home and the table where we share food with our friends, partner and family, plays a key role in the creation of memories. When guests arrive at the home; every detail has to be considered. We must have the perfect table and the perfect decoration that
Small places decoration tips
There are small spaces that are more complicated than others, especially those that are small and tight, the corners and hallways are places in the house these places that are often ignored, also require an adequate decoration so that our entire home has a magnificent design. A couple of tips for certain small spaces in
Bedroom decoration tips.
The bedroom decoration, despite being a private room, is one of the most important pieces of the house, since that is where the person sleeps and wakes up every day, but decorating it properly is as important as decorating the kitchen, dining room or living room. But even if only the owner of the room
Decoration tips
The decoration of a home goes beyond furniture and color, to finish a work of art is necessary the help of a couple of objects that highlight the rest of the decoration. When people talk about the decoration of a house this should reflect a very personal aspect of the people who is living inside