Best Ways to order bedroom set

If there is a cabinet that turns out to be a key piece is the bed. It is naturally the focal point of a room. The bedroom set should be placed respecting certain logical rules. Sustaining us in the common sense, we leave several easy tips to follow:


  • Routinely, people place a double, queen or king bed, resting in the middle of the wall opposite the front door of the bedroom. If the bed is available in this way, the header will occupy the focal point when entering the room.
  • Avoid positioning a bed under a window if this is going to be frequently open. Opening windows can generate drafts. Placing a bed between two windows, however, it has great functionality.

If it turns out that your house have air conditioning or is heated most of the year and almost never open windows, you could skip this rule. You can also implement these recommendations with home furniture or dining room sets.

  • No bed positions obstructing the bedroom door or a corridor to pass through.
  • Note if you can use the bedroom set in an unconventional way, or more strikingly, perhaps, can better use the space of the room.

Main rooms

A master bedroom does not require a large to provide the necessary services. Also, you can always do a search on the web to find inexpensive furniture.

If the space of stay is less than you would like, observe the following recommendations to decorate your room in the best way:


  • Eliminate clutter to make the bedroom look larger.

  • Use only the furniture required. If possible, mobilizes a cabinet with drawers in a closet storey to clear floor space.
  • Preserves bed down in sight. Make use of a headboard, but do not use a stirrup. Choose something other than a four-poster bed, because they occupy the visual space and make the room look smaller.
  • Remember to keep the furniture in keeping with the color palette of the room to achieve an effect of spaciousness.
  • Make bedside of a size proportional to the bedroom. You cannot add tables the size of a room if the room is small.
  • Rooms for teenagersGenerally, teens are sure of what they want in their bedroom and raise their voices to ask for space to place their books and collections of any kind. To prevent them from taking the living room furniture, analyzes its space to find the best solution to meet your needs.The bedroom is where they spend most of their time, so you can include additional chairs and small tables for pleasant space for visitors. Bedroom set preserves functional and easy to take care of the bedroom.

    Children’s bedrooms

    The bedrooms must have a plan for future years of the child. The main thing is to place a child changing table near the crib. Safety must be maintained above all things. Then we leave some tips:


    • Do not place cribs near windows or blind cords.
    • Make sure it cribs and bunk abide by federal safety standards. See if the mattresses conform to the sides of the crib. Ropes, axes, sticks and corner posts should have no more than 2 3/8 inches between them. Verifies that a child cannot slip off the side of the crib.
    • Select chests and cabinets that cannot tip over, even if the drawers open and a child moves up on them.
    • Place protective plastic plugs on all electrical outlets.
    • Avoid using small rugs on slippery floors.
    • Check that all floors are anti-slip.
    • Lose the wires hanging from the windows.
    • Select bunk beds with stairs thick hand. Including handrails and guardrails.

    Guest bedrooms

    Tend to have a space for guests who not only is comfortable for them, but for you. Observe the following recommendations to achieve this goal:


    • Buy a sofa bed. In this way, you managed to save space and will keep stay clear.
    • Certify that your guest has enough space in the closet.
    • Have ready two sets of sheets, a comforter, comfy pillows, a duvet cover and pillowcases in this bedroom.

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