They say that 7 is the number of good luck. So if you want good fortune to enter your house forever, follow these 7 tips and above all take out the most positive side of life. Do we start.



Ordering is basic. You will see how everything changes. The house will be much more comfortable and practical. If, in addition, everything is in its place, such as the keys, you will not be late for work or dinner with friends because you will find them first. (Goodbye to the bad luck of missing the bus or subway).



Choose colors well

There is no color that causes bad luck (not even yellow). Colors convey sensations and emotions and that is why they are fundamental. If your room is very small and you choose a dark blue, although this color, usually transmits security, in this case it could generate an opposite effect giving a feeling of overwhelm and discomfort.



Ally with the light

Open the windows and let the light in. With the sun everything looks different. Use white to make everything look brighter and wider.



Surround yourself with plants

The plants not only add a natural look but also convey good energies. If one plant withers or dies, replace it with another. There are plants such as ferns, basil and kokedamas that generate good luck.



Always clean

Keep the house clean and do not let dust accumulate in any corner. It is not that you are cleaning at all hours, but it is about having a cleaning method and acquiring it as a habit. Take the opportunity to remove all items that are broken or damaged.



Apply Feng Shui

This Millenary philosophy applied in decoration helps to generate positive energies and good vibrations.



Consider the distribution of furniture

According to Feng Shui, the best way to place the furniture is by following the Bagua map. For example, in the living room you can place them in a circular way or trying not to have too many corners. That way, positive energy will circulate better.

Neither superstitious nor esoteric. We believe in good luck and how to create it. In fact, there are scientific studies that show that the way in which one decides to respond to the problems of each day influences the results. Whether before a job interview, a social event or even in your own home.

Let’s get to the point. The most important key is the attitude. With a good attitude and the advice that you have found in the image gallery you will realize that the meters, the views or the age of your house has nothing to do to attract bad or good luck or be happy.

Happiness is not what happens to you, but how you interpret what happens to you. Like luck. Everything depends on the point of view.



In Lyn´s Furniture we have this in mind and we try to contribute this little knowledge to all our clients. Take advantage of our offers and take or want to your home.

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